Mirzo Kanoatov, Ph.D.

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Hi! I'm a scientist with a flair for adapting new technologies into practical solutions for healthcare.

I currently work as a Scientific Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, where I help to develop precision medicine products. My life-sciences experience spans medical devices, biomaterials, diagnostic tests, biomarkers, and bioanalytical instrumentation. Before that, I also worked in web development, graphics design, and telecom.

As you can probably tell, my interests are all over the map. I am an unremitting generalist, an anti-specialist. I believe that the most impactful innovation comes from cross-domain thinking and unbound creativity.

This website is a playground for my interests. I write about:

I write mostly for myself, but post my notes in case others may find them useful.

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I love meeting interesting people, brainstorming outlandish ideas, and collaborating on exploratory projects.

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